The Wild Horses of the Marshland

Ever heard of the herd of horses roaming freely on the marshland near the coastal town of Kleimond? Many call them The Wild Ones but where did they come from and how do they fit into their habitat?

Discover the answers to these questions and more in the mini documentary about these Wild Ones.

I hope you’ve learnt something and you’ve been motivated to go and encounter this unique herd for youself.

3 thoughts on “The Wild Horses of the Marshland”

  1. This is great, Jacques! Informative and interesting footage. I know the place and went to walk in the Rooisand area only to see the horses in the far distance. We’re so used to seeing domesticated animals so to capture their natural cycles and wildness is a feat. Well done!

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  2. Very good footage. I absolutely adore horses, they are beautiful and intelligent creatures. I love how they have different personalities and communing with them is always very rewarding. It is great to see them in their natural state though, roaming wild and free like they were meant to.

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