Why the blog?

Red DisaThis blog is dedicated to the sharing of experiences in nature. Its goal is to present and teach visitors about the author’s experiences and perspectives on the unique fauna and flora of Southern Africa. You’ll also  receive some advice relating to specific locations and trails.

Considering the current health of the ecosystems surrounding you and in fact the entire planet, we should strive to not only reflect on and share our experiences of nature but also try and restore what we humans have disrupted, destroyed of injured. Every person has to make a conscientious decision to actively be mindful of what we do and how it influences our Earth. Are we guardians or consumers of Earth?

May this blog do justice to the undistilled beauty of our Earth, instill you with gratitude to be able to live on such an amazing planet and inspire you to be the best guardian of nature you can be!


6 thoughts on “Why the blog?”

  1. hi Jacques – I loved your post on disas – will definitely hike the area to look for them. just a remark – you mention one of the blue disas you’ve seen is Disa baurii, but it is in fact Disa venusta pictured on your blog. You’re very lucky to have seen it – it is quite rare and endangered!

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  2. Jacques-
    I appreciate the spirit of your blog, and especially love the question you pose-
    Are we guardians or consumers of Earth?
    Our species must ponder this one carefully. I know we both agree on the answer!
    Thank you for the beautiful window into your corner of the planet.

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  3. Thanks for following my blog! I have started reading through yours. I married a South African and have been to Cape Town and driven the Garden Route. We have family who live in Betty’s Bay and I will have to visit Hanklip and try and find its secret when I travel there again!

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